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Re: [IP] Re: Regular Insulin and Pump


  Kerri beat me to this one (darn her ...again!!)  But Josh's A1C'c actually 
went up after going on the pump.  We tried to explain them away due to the 
trouble we had (BIG TIME!) with keeping sites on.  Talk about frustration.  
Ask Kerri...She knows!!!  We even went off the pump for a short time, mostly 
because Josh's tummy was SOOO beat up from multiple site insertions.  Now 
that he is back on, with a GREAT adhesive to keep them on, even in our hot 
tub or a swimming pool, Josh's numbers are just now starting to NOT look like 
such a shock wave on a Richter Scale.  The 'waves' are starting to even 
out...finally, and we have already passed what would have been our 1 year 
pumping anniversary this past Dec.

  Being discouraged is an understatement for what we went through last spring 
and early summer!!!  Keep it up and don't expect instant 'cure' like I did.  
It really takes a lot of work to get this pumping thing down but I gotta tell 
you when you finally start feeling like you must be doing something right 
after all this time it SURE FEELS GREAT!!!

  Good Luck!  And hang in there!!

mom to Joshua
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