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[IP] Re:Having a hot tub

>I'd like to have a hot tub, but I'm a bit worried about what would happen to 
>my infusion set/insulin. Will the tape come loose? What about the risk of 
>infections? Can the hot water damage the insulin in the part of the Sof-Set 
>which is left after disconecting?
>It would be interesting to hear what you do. BTW: How do you compensate for 
>the insulin you miss if you choose to stay in the tub for a while?

If you have a chance, search the archives because I believe this has
been discussed a few times before and you'll find lots of good ideas
there. Everyone is different, so you might have to experiment a bit
until you find what works for you, but if you are determined, you can
find a way to enjoy the hot tub! For my hubby Shane - he is one of the
peole who has no problems with sets sticking. His sets just don't come
un-stuck no matter how hot or cold or sweaty or whatever, so the hot tub
doesn't cause him a problem with the set. He has never gotten an
infection from going in the hot tub or swimming pool either. Like many
other people, the hot tub usually causes his BG to drop, so he is able
to disconnect while in the hot tub without having to worry about
bolusing later to cover either the lost basal or any insulin that was
"damaged" in the set. Also we keep a snack nearby just in case.
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