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Re: [IP] Rapid acting insulin and pump

It's a federal law that Humalog require a prescription. Everywhere in the 
United States: not just California. However, despite that, NONE of the other 
forms of insulin need a prescription and one that does not require a 
prescription (such as Regular) can be substituted for Humalog. After all, 
until about four years ago, Regular was the fastest-acting insulin available.

Jan and Elvis

In a message dated 1/19/01 5:11:14 PM US Eastern Standard Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

<< Some types of insulin are available OTC, but not all.  You cannot get
 Humulog without a prescrpition, at least not in California.
 Diane :-)
 At 05:01 PM 1/19/2001 EST, you wrote:
 >My MD told me it is a federal law that no lifesaving drug can require a
 >prescription.  That is why everyone can go into any pharmacy and purchase
 >syringes.  ANYONE...even a drug abuser.  What would happen if you were on
 >your last bottle of insulin before your mail order deliver came and you
 >dropped you bottle and it broke!  You would have to go to your local 
 >and get it.  Insulin is life saving and the only means to provide it is via
 >syringes. >>
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