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[IP] Re: Definition of "cure"

> My definition of a cure is that I would no longer have to count
everything I
> put in my mouth and check my bg's 10x per day, and take insulin to
cover it
> all.  To wake up in the am and know that diabetes will not be one of
> main focuses of my life for the day.  My 2 cents worth.

> RoseLea

You don't HAVE to do that.  You CHOOSE to do what is best for you.
There are many diabetics that don't do anything to help themselves.
They don't check their bg's, they don't try to get a pump, they don't
see a doctor regularly, etc.  It always seems a little strange to me
when people say that they have to go to work, obey traffic laws, etc.
If we don't do what is best, make poor choices, we will pay the
consequences.  I have made a CHOICE of how to care for my diabetes.
When I first was dx'ed, I made the choice to not do what I should have,
and paid for it.  Chances are that if the gestapo were in my home,
checking to make sure that I checked my bg, I doubt if I would I be as
conscientous as I hope that I am.  It's easier, for me, to always make
the choice to do what's best.

My definition would be that there would be no use for artificial means
to survive.
Jack Granowski
email @ redacted
dx 10/66, D H-Tron 7/93, Hb A1c 5.9
If you want to know what God thinks of money, just look at the people he

gave it to.
 - Dorothy Parker
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