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RE: [IP] (Fwd) [IPm] "Phantom" Bolus's

Jim wrote:
I dunno, Sheila . . . I'm so used to it, most of the time I don't notice
most the clicks and beeps of my MiniMed 508 - not even the beep that signals
completion of a bolus.  And while driving, my concentration is certainly not
on the pump activity.  It seems to me a reasonable scenario that one could
accidentally hit some buttons and not be aware of the
sounds/alarms/vibrations if there were enough other distractions.  Perhaps
not likely, but certainly possible.

It could be possible but think about this too:
The D-tron is new to the market.  And most of the people receiving them are
new to pumping.  I remember when I went on the pump, I noticed everything
about it. And unless this person was used to wearing a beeper all the time
the fact that the pump was under the seatbelt would have been felt by them.
And also this pump is not shaped like a beeper which would be a cause to
notice even more that something was there.  Besides most cars have heaters,
who drives comfortably with that much clothing on???  Just something else to
think about.

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