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Re: [IP] BASAL/BOLUS question? Help.

> Problem:  High at 10am
> Did a fasting basal today to see and my son was
> 86 @ 7:30am
> 144 @ 9:00am
> 144 @ 10:00am
> 54 @ 11:00am (?)
> He is on .2 from 8am on.     .1 at 7am.
> When I have checked his bg at 9:30-10am everyday he is high, around
> 360. SO what do I take from these fasting results?

make sure the fasting information is stable -- repeat it, looks like 
a late morning adjustment is in order.

After that, feed him a non-carb breakfast like eggs and a diet drink 
and try again. If the results are the same, the issue is glycemic 
content of the usual breakfast foods he eats not matching the 
release curve of the insulin. If you see a bg rise with the non carb 
breakfast then his body is responding to any food input by releasing 
chemicals that cause bg rise -- this should be fairly repeatable and 
can be fixed by a standard fixed bolus given in addition to any 
needed meal bolus when he gets up in the morning (at least this works 
for us). Lily used to have this phenomena, but did not see the rise 
on days she slept in, only school days when we rise a 6:30

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