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Re: [IP] Regular Insulin and Pump

> Hi, I am looking for others who use R in their pump and wondered if
> you have any tips for me.  I cannot use H, due to allergy.  The endo
> suggested I not try it again, due to huge red blotches which came
> from it when on MDI.  Because I use R, the medical professionals act
> all confused--like they don't know what to do with it, yet didn't
> all pumpers originally use R? My first post pump A1C was just
> exactly the same as on MDI--not really good at all.  Makes me
> discouraged about the pump and what it can do. Anyone with similar
> experiences, or ideas, would be appreciated.

What would you like to know?? Lily used Velosulin (which is a regular 
insulin) for several years in her pump prior to the availability of 
Humalog. It is actually a little easier to set basals with the longer 
acting insulin, but high/lows are more difficult to correct and you 
must bolus a half hour or so before a meal -- makes grazing more 
difficult though still possible.

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