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Re: [IP] When did you have "full" responsibility for your diabetes?

Hi pump mates!

I luckyly had allmost full responsibillity of my DM from the start. In 
hospital thay were axious to have me manage taking my shots, doing my BGs 
and understand my new condition myself. My parents did all they could to 
help me, but not the overprotective way. They encurraged me, and followed my 
meal schedule. Just a couple of weeks after diagnosis I went to a camp with 
the blind asosciation (I'm born partially sighted). My mother was a bit 
worried I think, but when she saw that I was doing well she was more 
relaxed. The only times I've needed my parents to take care for my DM has 
been when having the stomack flu. Then they have been doing my BGs for me 
because I've been to sick to do it myself.
When I started to have serious problems (roller-coaster), and wanted the 
pump they were really supportive.

I think it's important to let kids/teens have most of the responsibillity 
themselves. If not we would be more dependent on other people all the time, 
and I think that can be strainous some times. I feel that it's easier to 
accept and take care of my diabetes when the responsibillity is all mine.

Best wishes from Ingrid
Dx at 15
MM507c since December 2000
(I love the thing!!)

>From: "Jim S." <email @ redacted>
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>Subject: [IP] When did you have "full" responsibility for your diabetes?
>Date: Wed, 17 Jan 2001 11:02:31 -0800
>I am probably misinterpreting what I hear from parents about the things
>that they are still doing to "control" their teenagers diabetes....
>Other than being provided the things that I needed including doctors, I had
>full responsibility before I was 17....
>For those of us with diabetes, at what age did you have responsibility for
>the diabetes?
>For the parents, at what age (of your kids) did you turn over
>responsibility for the diabetes?
>Jim S.
>email @ redacted
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