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[IP] Severe hypos and protein ? Please help!

This past weekend I almost died! I had a low BS of 19, and that was after my family tried to feed me glucose tabs. I remember nothing till I woke up in the ER. I ate ALOT of carbs before going to bed that evening, at least 120 grams. I took 7 units of insulin to cover the carbs. I had started at 97. I went to bed feeling fine, but sure didn't wake up that way! I was kept for 2 days in the hospital, as I also had hypothermia and extremely low blood pressue. My Endo insists this happened to me because I didn't have any protein with the carbs and says I MUST have protein with carbs at all times. Is this the case? Others on pumps say not. I never want to go thru this again if I can. Any help would be greatly appreciated. (TIA) Sincerely, Denise   
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