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Re: [IP] RE: When did you have "full" responsibility for your diabetes?

Re my patient education booklets about diabetes:
>One of the things you may want to reconsider is the 'mean' age of dxd for 
>kids.  There are more and more little ones under 5 that are not only being 
>dxd but being put on the pump as well.  I don't think anyone should jump to 
>any conclusions about the 'mean' age of diagnosis because that does not 
>necessarily hold water any more.
>Oh, by the way, my son was dxd at 5.5 and is now 9 y.o.!
>mom to Joshua

Unfortunately, this is pretty much out of my hands: the target age
group is decided by our market research people. These booklets are
intended for sale to doctors for them to give to their patients; one of
the interesting things is dealing with the issue of satisfying both the
customers (the doctors) and the end-users (the parents and kids). As
you know, there's sometimes a difference of opinion about what's 

The kids' booklet would have to be aimed at a fairly narrow age range, 
anyway, because of differences in reading level and general interests. 
Books aimed at 6-year-olds, 10-year-olds, and 16-year-olds would
have to look and read very differently, and would probably contain
a lot of different information. Even 10-14 is a pretty broad range, both 
for reading level and for likely interests and tastes.

Also, I probably should have said up front that these are very short 
booklets; they're really meant as a sort of overview for kids and 
parents right after diagnosis. So we can't do some of the things I'd
really like to do in the parents' book, like go into more detail about
kids at different ages. These books are not just for kids who are 
pumping, although we do talk about pumping.

In short, I'm not trying to discriminate against younger kids or their 


/Janet L.

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