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Wanted to comment on two items in the digest.

#1  About the person who was asking when to "expect" ketones, as some people
said over a certain BG and some said other BG.  Anyhow, Paddy gets that
breath--that finger nail polish remover breath--when he is stressed, and I
know I need to slow him down, expect a high BG and ketones within an hour or
so.  But at the time I can smell that breath, no Ketones and no high BG.
Weird, eh?  High blood sugar Ketones don't cause that breath warning
though--only  the ketones caused by "stress."  We are talking overwhelmed by
life stress here, not sickness by the way.

#2 Fantastic thing to pass on about the seatbelt giving that man phantom
bolus'.   MY son's seatbelt, as most children's hits him right over the
pump.  A couple of times on a recent long car trip he said "AH!  I think I
dosed myself!!"  I am going to be MUCH more careful about pump placement vs.
seatbelt placement.  Is there a case the COMPLETELY surrounds the pump for
situations such as this?  We presently use the cloth case the is meant to go
on the waist like a beeper.  But he prefers to use it in the necklace form.
As such, it hangs about mid/chest or upper belly depending on his whims that

One last thing.  Paddy will be having an endoscopy on Monday the 22nd to
determine whether he has
a) Celiac--seems a good prospect
b)IBD--not likely
c)some malabsorbtion disease that has to do with fat instead of gluten.  I
cannot for the LIFE of me think of the name, and, for many reasons, I did
not get it written down in the doc appt yesterday.  It sounded to me like
"infantile (or some other word that starts with "i") Lympho-something or
other.  The LONGEST word you have EVER heard!"  Anyone recognize that?   LOL

Charisma :)
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