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[IP] Families and Food

These posts are so interesting, makes me realize just how different
everyone's backgrounds are....
Shane's grandmother is one of those "you better eat that all or I will
feel bad" types. She was always so concerned about not wanting to let
him have anything with "sugar" in it, but she thought it was perfectly
ok to make him eat 3 helpings of mashed potatos!
My mother had the opposite idea: here's what I cooked, its healthy,
that's what there is to eat. eat as much or as little as you want. if
you don't like it you don't have to eat it at all, its up to you because
you are the one who will be hungry later. there was no going to the
cupboard or the fridge to see what else might interest us (like the box
of personal-size frozen pizzas!). The only time we ever had to eat
everything on our plate was when we refused to eat the healthy green
stuff but thought we should get some dessert...
Funny, when Shane started coming around she started asking - what does
he like, what should he eat, how should i change my cooking to suit his
needs/wants?! It started as trying to make sure to cook things that were
healthy for him, but was she figured out he can eat most anything the
rest of us eat, it has turned into cooking things she knows he likes.
Shane hates onions. I hate mushrooms. She will cook a special portion of
food with no onions for him, but I am stuck with the mushrooms! :-)
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