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[IP] Eating everything on my plate a memory

I didn't catch, get become afflicted with diabetes until I was married but 
I sure remember my mom telling me to eat everything on my plate because 
their were starving children in China. That was the place she selected for 
food relief during the second world war. Later when she was senile and in a 
nursing home, I'd go over and feed her telling her about the children in 
china and she would smile. It was about a year after I had diabetes when I 
had a dream about Billings leftovers. In the dream there was a flood in 
Billings Montana and people were standing around trying to get food in a 
foodline which was handing out
Blue boxes with a red and white band marked Pathmark* Billings Leftovers" I 
woke up laughing because the tears of laughter ran into my ears and 
awakened me by tickling the ear canals. Just a weird flashback to the past 
brought on by sylvia's note Spot
* A North Jersey/NY supermarket who had a store brand
A Bender, M. D.
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