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Families and FOOD (was)Re: [IP] Re: Full responsibility

In a message dated 1/19/01 1:38:17 AM Eastern Standard Time, email @ redacted 

> Almost 30 years later I still get that one plus the ol':  "you make me feel
> so bad you don't want to eat my food" thing.  Glad Christmas dinner only
> comes once a year and that I can avoid many family events!

I FINALLY found the solution for this one......In far too many homes, food= 
love, so if you don't eat the concoction that mom has slaved over for you, 
then it follows that you don't love her & don't appreciate all of her 
efforts....My own mother is now 80 & still likes to bake her "special 
cookies", etc. but instead of giving them to us, she now makes them for the 
staff at JDRF and LBBC (Living Beyond Breast Cancer)- the 2 organizations 
where I volunteer & where she now also volunteers. The young skinny staffers 
( who don't have to worry about either carb or calorie counting) aboslutely 
LOVE getting these treats & fall all over themselves thanking her - far far 
more so than I ever did! LOL..It's a "win-win" all around....She feels 
sooooooo appreciated, and I don't have to deal with the food here...
   so next time a family member tries to coax you into eating something you 
neither want nor need (my daughter's new response: not worth the carbs!!), 
tell her/him to offer it to the kids next door, the paper boy, the delivery 
man, etc. because they are SURE to appreciate it!!! I've also shared this 
hint with my Weight Watchers group!
Regards, Renee (melissa's pump mom)
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