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[IP] Re: E-News pasta ingredients

I'm taking this straight off a package that was sent to me when I
participated in one of their recent studies:

Keto Pasta:  Soy protein isolate, wheat gluten, durum wheat semolina, egg
white, carrageenan gum, salt and potassium sorbate and folic acid.

It's "advertised" as a low carbohydrate, high protein food.  The serving
size is 3/4 cup---that amounts to 5g Carbohydrates and 24g Protein---also,
120mg sodium.  It also lists Total soy isoflavones  at 40mg.  There is also
a note on the package that the effective Carbohydrate count is 4 grams
(because there is 1 gram of fiber in the carb total).

I should mention that in my "free" package there was  a "No Charge"
statement that showed that the actual cost of this 5 oz. (total contents)
package was $3.99 (plus shipping because it's probably not going to be
available at your local grocery store).  Does anyone really like pasta that
much---even if it's digested smoothly?  The "test" meal was only for
pre-meal and then 1 and 2 hour post-meal blood tests using only one serving.
That protein content could pack a punch later, maybe, if you ate enough of
this stuff.  Please note, I'm  one of those strange people who really
doesn't like pasta but this was actually good.

Barbara (BBB) 
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