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[IP] Re: Batteries

I think that one thing with batteries, is that there can be a tremendous
variability in battery length of use.  At some locations a certain brand
will not be on the shelf long, while others will sit for months.  Some
batches will have varying degrees of quality depending on when/where
they were produced (Firestone tires?)  I use the D supplied batteries
and by the time I get to the end of a card, they are months older than
the first ones that I used, and so don't last as long.  As also
mentioned, the more the doo-dads are used will also effect life of the
battery (checking, changing, vibrate, back-light, etc.).

It's all YMMV, but seeing when there are things like bad batches and
problems that are occurring certainly helps when seeing it on this list.

Incidentally, would it be possible for original posters to use a little
more specific term for the subject.  When a title such as 'batteries' is
used I will do a search on the digest and get multiple hits whenever
that word is used, often 3-4 times in each post.  This is one reason
that I like the digest.  I can look at the contents at the top and just
jump down to the ones that peak my interest, using the search
Jack Granowski
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dx 10/66, D H-Tron 7/93, HbA1c 5.9
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 - Mark Twain
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