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RE: [IP] Rapid acting insulin and pump

wombn [mailto:email @ redacted] wrote:

> I don't mean to be dense, but something is eluding me here.
> Would it be illegal for the pump manufacturers to make a H-pre-
> filled cartridge that's specifically for a pump? If so, why 
> would that 
> be illegal but it's not illegal for a doctor to tell you to 
> use H in a 
> pump?  Or is this a liability/lawsuit issue?

It's an issue regarding the function of the FDA.  The FDA regulates how
drugs and medical equipment is marketed and sold, not how it is used.  How
it is used is up to the prescribing physician.  So it's not a problem to
*use* H in a pump, but manufacturers cannot market H and pumps together.

Jim Handsfield
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