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RE: [IP] uncooperative school

Curtis Lomax [mailto:email @ redacted] wrote:

> I fully understand your frustration.  The schools seem to 
> just want to make
> you do it their way and they will change their way 
> arbitrarily to show just
> how powerful they are.

Curtis, while you have offered several good suggestions, particularly about
the 504 plan*, it is probably not useful to assume malicious intent on the
part of the school.  More likely, their behavior is borne out of being
uninformed and the resulting fear, both for the safety of the children and
for possible legal pitfalls.  A better approach, IMO, is to seek to educate.
A good rule of thumb is to never attribute to malice that which can be
accounted for by ignorance (or stupidity).

*You can find the documents on the United States Department of Justice web
page: click on http://www.doj.gov and do a search for ADA (Americans with
Disabilities Act).

Jim Handsfield
mailto:email @ redacted OR
mailto:email @ redacted

The opinions expressed are my own and do not necessarily represent those of
my wife who runs this house and makes more important decisions than I do.
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