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Re: [IP] Help please!


Both hormones and stress can effect blood sugars.  A lot of diabetics note 
raises in bloodsugars when going through stressful times.  Hormones 
fluctuations such as periods in females also send the bloodsugars on a 
rollercoaster ride.  It sounds like you did well in bolusing for your 
ketones.  Keep in mind with ketones it is important to drink lots of fluids 
to stay hydrated, help flush ketones and keep checking sugars often.

Since you are switching doctors soon find out as much as possible about 
picking a new one at a new group or about the one that has been assigned to 
you.  Make an appt. as soon as possible for a check up with the new doctor to 
see how knowledgeable they are about diabetes, etc., and how you like them.  
If you don't like them, switch to another primary care provider.  It's really 
important to have someone help you work on controlling your diabetes and 
other ailments-don't stay with someone you are not comfortable with.

Be careful with upping your nighttime basal too much too quickly, .2 doesn't 
seem like much but you don't want to bottom out.  Try upping it .1 first.

Good Luck, Linda
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