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Re: [IP] uncoperative school


  I can't remember how old Cory is?  You will need to get used to the idea of 
fighting for Cory until Cory is old enough to fight for himself.  That is my 
resolve also.  Josh is the only pumper in his district and the only D kid in 
his school.  Believe me I have had my share of fights.  Now if ANY of the 
district RNs have a question, guess who they come to for their answers???  
YUP!!  I guess they have decided that I'm not as dumb as they thought, 
especially about diabetes and ESPECIALLY my son's needs!!!

  Again, I need to ask, are there any state provisions where you live 
regarding the care of a D. kid in public school (he is in a public school, 
right?)  You can check this out through your local ADA office to see if there 
are any state regulations.  Here in Washington State we just got this GREAT 
set of regulations that are there for everyone to know what can and can not 
be done.  It saved me a great deal a year ago when I ended up nose-to-nose 
with our school principal

  And look into your 504 plan.  These are FEDERAL regulations for all schools 
that receive federal funding.  And believe me it does NOT consist of one 
sheet of paper!!!  It sure sounds like the staff at Cory's school are trying 
to bull-doze you into thinking that they have all the answers and that you 
are just a dumb mom who knows absolutely nothing.  Well, I already know that 
this isn't true so you NEED to make it quite clear to them that this is NOT 
true also!!!

  Go get them Susan, and write to me for any help, advice, or cheering up.  
I'm here for you and all the other parents that need to wisen up these people 
who affect our kid's and our lives!!!

mom to Joshua
email @ redacted
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