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Re: [IP] Re: when did you have "full" responsiblity for your diabetes?

My response to what Darrin had to say  about the mental/psychological well 
being of past DMers is that all of those past experiences of what happens to 
long term DMer may have been just that, in the past.  I'm hoping that with 
the improvements made for the life of a DMer through all of this latest 
technology is going to help DMers live a fuller more positive life closely 
resembling that of a so-called normal person.  I for one, have VERY positive 
feelings about what my son's life will be like even when he starts to enter 
into his teens, 4 years from now (currently 9) because by then the powers to 
be may be putting their final touches on the closed-loop system that will 
enhance wearing a pump even more.  Josh knows that this is NOT the best it is 
going to be, that new and exciting things are happening everyday.  We don't 
even talk about a 'cure' but about how life with D. may become about as easy 
to live with as life with, say allergies, just dealt with a different method 
of treatment.  My son does not even think that he will be hampered at all 
because of his D he just knows from experience of these past 3.5 years that 
there are some restrictions and certain things he has to do in order to keep 
himself healthy.  My son is more in tune to his body than any other 9 year 
old I know.  What is so wrong with that, I ask you.  Things are definately 
looking up for my son's diabetes...You can count on it!!!

mom to Joshua
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