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Re: [IP] uncooperative school


  I did not realize that you were the dad of a DM dtr.  She is 9 now?  My son 
Joshua just turned 9 last month and started pumping at 8.  He is in the 3rd 
grade and he is the only DMer at h is school.  And as far as we know he is 
still the only pumper in his district!!!

  We have the 504 plan but the principal tried to change it on his own last 
year to suit him.  Boy, he won't ever try and do that again, not with MY 
child!!  We too try to keep the school out of our way but here lately Josh 
has been checking his lunch  BGs in the office, just because of his schedule 
he is NOT in his classroom right before lunch but real close to the office.  
He doesn't mind right now.  Anyway, the office personnel are learning 
different aspects of D. and what to do so it is an improvement.  Josh can 
call me whenever he wants concerning his D.  But he is totally in control at 
school.  The staff does not interfere.  Now today he came up at 44 and woozy 
so they immediately gave him sugared soda and glucose BEFORE they let him 
call me!!!  Then they excorted him to the lunch room and stayed with him 
until he sat for lunch with his food!!!

  Anyway, I just wanted to say HI and let you know we have our children and 
their ages in common!

mom to Joshua
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