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No Subject

<<<Wow!! This is depressing. So this is what I have to
look forward to for my son with D. Looking back on
your life, what advice or talk could I give 
my son so he doesn't feel this way. Is it this ways
for most adults that were dx as a child?>>>

I think much of what Darrin said was true, but not for
all I'm sure.  There will always be happy times to
help counteract the really crappy days, months, etc. 
Life is like a roller coaster for most humans, but for
people with chronic illnesses, there are a few more
twists and turns to deal with.  I think diabetics and
nondiabetics all have to just take life as it's thrown
at them and accept the bad along with the good.  Your
son has a full life ahead of him, and more than likely
a CURE!!!!  Hopefully, before he's even full grown
yet. Darrin was right, in my opinion, about the
"ultra-responsibilty."  I'm proud and angry about that
"ultra-responsibility" at the same time always.  It
gets soooo complicated sometimes.  Your son will be
okay, Theresa.  He'll just live a different reality
than most of his peers and he'll deal with that in his
own time and own way.  Just my thoughts on your
Jill-T1 25 yrs.(dx age 6)

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