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Re: [IP] Rapid acting insulin and pump

>Humalog is still not approved for the pump?!?  Everyone I've
>encountered (except my older edition of Pumping Insulin) seems to
>assume that Humalog is the *default* insulin for the pump....
>Does that mean everyone is breaking the law?

Humalog is not approved for pump use.  just because it is not approved does 
not mean Drs can't prescribe it.  Humalog has been deemed safe but not been 
approved for pumps.  that is why it is taking so long to get pre filled 
cartridges of humalog for the pump.  some companies have found ways around 
this like Disetronic since they also have a insulin pen which happens to 
use the same cartridge as the H-Tron pumps.  Both lilly and Novo are 
working on getting approval now  but you know the government  they are SLOW

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