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Re: [IP] Back to the Drawing Board

Jennifer Sutherland wrote:
> It is right for you then as for must of us. Pasta affects my 3-4 hours later,
> and pizza; 5 hours later.
> Why not have the pasta and remember a wee bolus later for the high? Like 
> many of us do?

And my latest idea for pump improvement is to add a "delayed bolus"
feature, so that we could do exactly that and not have to think about
> I'm not giving up any food, I want to work with it.

Same here!!!  The one conclusion I've drawn from the low fat vs. low
carb discussions is that I can do neither, because each one requires
giving up REAL food that I enjoy!

They had pizza for the teachers' lunch today -- bolused LESS than I
thought I would need and reserved the rest for later. I ran in the 180's
for 3 hours, and then decided enough was enough and took 1 more unit --
still in the 180's the 4th hours so I took ANOTHER unit, then 136 on the
5th and 80 on the 6th. It's that 4 hours in the 180's that I find

So next time I think I will bolus more initially, but still plan on
another small one at 4 hours. (Hate being tied to the damn clock!)

On the other hand, I have to remember to be grateful that insulin WORKS
for me!


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