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[IP] Re:24 hr. urine test/Burnout!

I am still rather concerned about the 24 hr. test which was not done quite 
After my fiasco getting the jug to them, I wrote about it last wk., the 
reports came back that I had 44% kidney function.  I told the doctor I 
thought I was better than that.  Come to find out.  The nurse had not noted 
the volume of urine.  I guessed that it was a little over 1/2 full.  Dr. said 
that both blood tests confirmed that I really do have good kidney function.
Now my problem is.  What do I believe?  I would rather redu the 24 test and 
know for sure on the volume etc. but I do not think it should be at my 
For my own peace of mind and treatment, I really do want to know.
Any suggestions?  Only other problem is that for the 1st time in my life, my 
BP is not controlled.  We've tried several new meds with large doses with no 
Truthfully, I have about had it with this disease, doctors, blood tests, 
expenses, and all the rest of the crap that goes with this.  Guess I need to 
get the DM Burnout book!  I am also very depressed and crying a lot even 
though I have been on Prozac for 10 yrs.  I feel like I have not taken any of 
it and I have been.
Gosh, here I am going on and on or as you say "venting."  Any ideas would be 
nice about the urine thing.
Thanks for letting me grip and complain!     Jackie Pearce
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