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[IP] Ketones and their treatment

I hope someone can answer this question for me.
At what BS level should I expect Ketones to appear?
I check if my BS is over 250, but usually only see them if it gets above
350-400. Is this common? Or is it dependent upon the individual?

Andy J.
This is an individual thing. usually they don't occur until the bs goes 
over 350+ but I get them at 215 or thereabouts the real answer is YMMV I I 
know I have em when I feel blech and have abdominal pain cramps and get the 
feeling I'm going to have a technicolor yawn. I don't test for them unless 
I'm going to call my doc and she'll want to know if and how much I have. 
otherwise I drink lots of cold water and take some humulog by injection 
into my butt. If it is summertime after a lot of sweating, I drink 
Gatoraid.  Spot I think most type 1s know when they have ketones and how 
much they have by experience
A Bender, M. D.
email @ redacted
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