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Re: [IP] Sil's clamp -- getting the needle out at insertion

Moira wrote:

<<Lauren started pumping today. One question to anyone using the Sillouhette
(sp?) It is hard to pull the needle out? I had so much trouble with it,
getting the thing to release. the Nurse didn't know if it was that set or I
was doing it wrong as she has little experience with them.>>

One thing you have to watch with the Sils (Tenders, Comforts) is not to
grasp the release too close on the end where the needle is.  Look at the
set, there are two indentations for fingers, if you put your fingers in
those indentations and squeeze the needle will release fairly easily and
pull out.  I know it looks like you have to squeeze at the end, but it works
much better where the finger indents are.  I hope I explained this well
enough. :o)

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