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Re: [IP] Re: Full responsibility

I was diagnosed at the age of 7. At that time, my mother had most control, I 
did my own checks at school, and luckily didn't have to take any shots at 
school at that time. When I was diagnosed, I refused to learn how to give 
myself the shots. I was scared of them. So for the next two years, my mom had 
to do them, and when I went to sleepovers, she would come and do them. I 
actually appreciated my mom taking responsbility for my Diabetes at that 
time, I wasn't feeling ready to do it all on my own. When I was nine, mom got 
so tired of doing my shots all the time, and said, "if you want to go to a 
sleepover, you've got to learn to do your shots". Of course, I couldn't miss 
sleepovers with my friends, so I gave in and learned how to. Good thing I did 
though! At the age of 11, I had no choice but take full responsbility. I 
started going to a residental school, and lived there during the week, and 
came home on the weekends (home was an hour and half away). Those years were 
actually the worst times of control I had. I had hard time dealing with the 
Diabetes stuff totally on my own. Of course, I grew up and now am loving the 
pump. :) ( people are all different in handling and dealing with D, so every 
one has different perspectives and ideas. That's my opinion anyway. 
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