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[IP] Re: Full responsibility

Jim S. Wrote:
> When I originally asked the question, I was including fixing meals as part
> of total responsibility.  My mom fixed meals for the whole family until
> shortly after diagnosis, I asked if she could fix my breakfast eggs another
> way.  The reply was "If you don't like the way I fix them then do it
> yourself!" - From then on, I was on my own food wise and she continued for
> the rest of the family... (I'm exaggerating a bit  :-)....

When I was in the 3rd trimester of my first pg and we were living with Mom and
my stepfather for 3 mos. I was on a STRICT low-salt diet.  She would NOT
eliminate salt and wouldn't allow me to cook in HER kitchen. My grandma asked
me as she was cooking a meal once at grandma's if I needed anything done
special. I asked her to leave out the salt from the water when boiling the
potatoes. Grandma said, "Okay, then they can salt their own." Mom said (to
me), "Don't tell her that!"  I also asked a waitress for 1/2 the amount of
gravy on my mashed potatoes. Mom said (to me), "Don't say that, you'll hurt
her feelings."  Never mind if it might hurt ME.

BTW, I was hospitalized for weight gain of 2# water in one day during that
period of pg at Mom's.
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