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[IP] therasense / cgm

>>>has anyone used the minimed cont. glucose meter with their doctor?
>>>i was thinking i could use it to help fine-tune my basal rates, but my
>>>doctor doesn't have it and i'd have to go to a doctor that doesn't take my
>>>insurance. it might be reimburseable. any thoughts on if it is worth it?

I haven't tried it yet, but my CDE and drs have a good
working relationship with a MiniMed tech rep/CDE who
covers our region (eastern MA).  He was at a pumpers
support group meeting yesterday, and he's going to try
and get a loaner CGM for me to use for a few days next
week... you might ask about getting a loaner unit....

According to Kevin, MiniMed is working on a version
that won't be hardwired, but will have an implantable
sensor, and use (ummm...) RF (or IR?) to transmit the
bg data from the sensor to the monitor.  So you'd still
wear the meter on your belt (or wherever) but not have
to be directly connected.

Kevin downloaded my pump's data and my meter's (AccuChek
Complete) data, and then he used MM's software to
analyze it -- I was impressed with the different views
and all the info you can get out of it... that software
should be available for patients eventually....

-- Cathy

"Living in the laidback lane...."
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