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Re: [IP] Re: When did you have "full" responsibility for your diabetes?

I was dx'd at age 13(20 years ago) at the Joslin Clinic in Boston.  I pretty
much had responsibility for my diabetes right away, at least in way of
giving shots and testing.  My mom and I spent a week at the clinic soon
after dx to learn all we could about controling it.  I remember a sort of
funny story I was maybe 14 at the time and had been told by my Dr that I had
to rotate injection sites( I was always using the arms and thighs and he
wanted me to use ab and butt), well I was having a real problem with doing
it in my butt so I asked my mom to give me my shot, well she didn't pinch up
the skin and just slamed the needle in me, that was the first and last
injection I let her give me.

Just my $.02
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