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[IP] Fuuny Story

     I woke up this morning and got up to take a shower. In my mind I knew 
     I had to change my set, so I disconnected and removed the old set 
     (first clue) prior to my shower. I usually leave the old in for awhile 
     to avoid a high due to lost insulin that'll seep out if I take the set 
     out immediately (YMMV). I looked at the old set and got very 
     concerned, no little plastic tube. Oh on, I think, it broke off. I 
     squeeze the old insertion area hoping it would pop out. Only clear 
     liquid comes out (insulin). So I look at the old set again. The tube's 
     there now??? Turns out I was looking at the wrong side of the set. I 
     check my sugar, 50.
     Of course I went high a few hours later, since I squeezed the old site 
     looking for that "missing" tube and lost even more insulin. Got to 
     love low bg induced logic. 
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