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[IP] Help please!

I am new to the Insulin Pumper's Mail List and I am having a problem with
"rogue" high blood glucose and ketones.  I'm wondering if anyone has had
problems with either hormones or anxiety affecting their blood glucose?  Last
night my BG was 89 at 11p.m. and I had 3 saltines & 1 oz. cheddar cheese, then
at 3a.m. it was 299 with a high amount of ketones.  I had a very similar
situation last Friday.  I have had Type 1 diabetes for 28 years and have never
had any real issues with ketones.  I had a baby 14 months ago and have
suspected my hormones may now be the cause of some of my BG swings.  I have
also been experiencing a lot of anxiety lately, partly due to my bizarre BGs.
Early this morning when I discovered the amount of ketones in my urine, I had
a full blown anxiety attack, shaking uncontrollably.  YIKES!  I took a high
blood glucose bolus of 5.0 and within 1 1/2 hours it was below 200 and
negative ketones.  To make matters complicated, I am switching medical
providers in two weeks on 2/1 and am trying not to have to contact my current
doctor.  I have been checking my BGs every 2 hours since last Friday, except
for last night I went from 11p.m. to 3a.m.  All of my nighttime BGs have been
between 90 - 148.  Why do we sometimes run ketones with highs but not always?
I don't understand what is going on.  I think I will raise my nighttime basal
rate from .7 to .9 tonight and check it every 2 hours.  Stress has never
really affected my blood sugars, but I have never experienced quite this much
anxiety before.
Thanks for any input!

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