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[IP] uncooperative school

I fully understand your frustration.  The schools seem to just want to make
you do it their way and they will change their way arbitrarily to show just
how powerful they are.

While we have our school where we want them for the moment, I am just
waiting for them to come back with demands again.

How old is Cory?

When our,  then, 7 yr. old started pumping she carried a cell phone and
could call me after tests.  At present we ask the school to do nothing but
stay out of our way.

Perhaps you could get him a cellphone or have him call the office instead
of the teacher doing it.  Or give him a range that requires no call and to
only call if out of range.

He will forget to test and forget to bolus.  He can't be perfect.  You will
take longer to get things adjusted because of the forgetting part.  I think
that you just have to roll with it and keep trying to get those numbers out
of him.  It really screws up a day to miss a bolus or forget a test.  We
would go a whole week and not have a day that was perfect, in terms of
doing tests and remembering to bolus.  Sometimes it seemed that the only
useful information was obtained on the weekends.  Two days a week makes for
slow progress in tuning the pump.

Our 7 yr. old has turned into a 9 yr. old and is remembering to bolus with
great regularity.  Well, yesterday she forgot an afternoon snack.  But, I
think the goal is not to be perfect but put the kid into the frame of mind
that will allow him to analyze that 275 and say "Oh, I forgot to bolus for
that snack.  Instead of saying that they don't have a clue as to why they
are high.

We have also found that part time responsibility does not work.  We have
tried to keep our mouth shut at family meal times and give her the chance
to remember on her own to bolus.  This has helped to get her to remember at
friends homes for sleep overs.

Back to the school.  Do you have a 504 plan?  If you want the school to do
things, this is the way to get them to.  If you ask for a 504 they have to
give you one.  Know your rights first, as they will deny you your rights by
omission if at all possible.

Curtis Lomax
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