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[IP] Labor and Delivery

Regarding Labor and Delivery with the pump!
Keep your pump on!  As and L+D nurse our diabetic protocol is to check BS 
every hour and give IV insulin depending on the BS. We keep the BS BELOW 
100. This is so that the infants BS is maintained at a normal level after 
the cord is cut.  This is where the problem with low blood sugars on the 
infant come from after delivery.  The infants pancreas will release insulin 
to cover what is going on their blood stream and if mom is giving them to 
much sugar then the insulin keeps being released and after the cord is cut 
the insulin will stop being released BUT it is still working in their 
little bodies so they bottom out.  If it is below 40 they usually go to the 
intensive care unit for IV glucose.  So please be in control in your 
pregnancy!  I would request to control your BS with your pump versus and IV 
drip.  I am quite an advocate for our patients, so PLEASE be firm.  A lot 
of nurses do NOT know about the pump and need to be informed.   Besides you 
can teach them during  your early labor---It will keep YOUR mind off of things!
Good Luck,
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