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[IP] Re: Teresa Fitch & pump removal

Teresa Fitch wrote: My husband has been a diabetic for 25 years and
> > was on the pump for around a year and half. His doctor removed the pump
> > because he started having bad bad readings. I do not believe the pump was
> > bad, I believe the doctor did not understand the pump! I want to help him.

In whose hands is the pump presently? Didn't YOUR (or you) insurance company
pay for it? It doesn't belong to the doctor - it is your husband's piece of
equipment. You really do need to see a diff. dr.  Look on the *pump-friendly*
doctors list on the IP website, or call your pump company and ask which drs.
near you have Rx'd pumps. Since you probably do not have the pump (I *hope*
you DO, though) to read the # - I can give you the MiniMed # 1-800-033-3322.
An internist specializing in DM would be a better choice than an
endocriminologist with your dh's current *person.*  Lettuce no (that's
actually Let us know). (~_^)

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