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Re: [IP] labor/delivery questions

I had my last daughter on the pump, and I left the pump on during labor and 
delivery.  My suggestion would be to suspend the pump as soon as you go 
into labor.  You are working very, very hard, and probably won't want to 
eat anything to counter a low.  Check your sugars hourly, or have someone 
else do it for you (husband or other labor partner, preferably).  If 
necessary you can take small boluses to bring down highs but you probably 
won't need to.

I didn't have to resume my basal insulin until quite a long time after the 
delivery--not until the next morning if I remember correctly.  In the days 
that follow your basals are likely to plummet to below your pre-pregnancy 
needs, especially if you are nursing.  Keep a close watch and play it 

We're rooting for you!

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