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[IP] Hospital meters

Shiela Morris writes in part:
they used the hospital model of the accu-chek advantage. All I was saying
was that they (MCV)were using such old technology. Today's meters are
faster and more accurate. I could care less about the size of a hospital
Agreed with your post, our hospital used the Lifescan One TouchII profile 
meter in a patient adaptation. They first take the bg by venipuncture then 
immediatly use the meter to get a fingerstick reading. All of the results 
from the One touch go to the lab over the hospital computer network and 
both the fingerstick and capillary blood are compared the ratio is sent 
back and for every one touch result the venous equivalent is calculated. 
All the results are posted automatically by the lab computer which runs 
Cerner software. every machine in the lab communicates directly to the 
Cerner system even the urinalysis analyzer, the Coulter counters and the 
prothrombin time machines as well as the three synchron chemistry 
analyzers. The technicians can put in their remarks about blood smears  and 
chamber counts as well. This system cuts down dramatically on phone calls 
to the lab and errors in transcribing results. When a result is wild like a 
1100 glucose the technician is asked to hand check the result and comment 
on it. The only time I had to enter anything into the system was when I 
looked at a spinal fluid and wanted to say something like " numerous 
atypical, wild looking cells on cytology"  The Lifescan meter was decided 
on after months of research and comparitive readings. It was easy for the 
nurses to use and quite rugged. Things like microbiology are hand entered.
All patient bands have barcodes which are easily read by the hospital 
hardware. MCV probably has great experience with venous blood verses their 
meter readings. this is an important value in evaluation of hand held 
meters. Our hospital is still evaluating these numbers.
A Bender, M. D.
email @ redacted
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