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Re: [IP] dieting on the pump.

You might have to lower the basals accross the board all day, but it's a case
of teaching kids today simple math. If we pile in more calories than we use,
we will gaing weight.

Handled correctly, it is safe for us 'betics to Diet.  I just would get on the
bandwagon of all the MetaboLife and other "Magic Diets" which are out there.
He needs to learn that if he wants to eat that burger or fries, he'll have to
compensate with some more exercise and less food at another time of the day.

Get him to the dietitian at the hospital or clinic he goes to, and get him on
a weight loss program which is right for him.

Jenny Sutherland
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  My 14 year old son has put on a lot of weight since going on the pump.  When
  the CDE from Minimed told him he could now eat anything, the eating hasn't
  stopped!  Now he's upset that he's put on about 20 pounds since last
     My question is:  how safe is it for a diabetic to lose weight?  He has
  down the amount he is eating and all night his sugars were low.  For
  he was 109 at 10:30 pm, 67 at 1 am (had juice) 128 at 3 am, and woke up 65
  6 am.  Should I lower his nighttime basals since he is eating less?
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