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	>To:	email @ redacted <mailto:email @ redacted> ,
email @ redacted <mailto:email @ redacted> 
	 >Subject:	RE: insulin-pumpers-digest V4 #797
	 >Date:	Thu, 18 Jan 2001 08:33:26 -0500
	 >I am considering pump therapy after 35 years with IDDM - I lead a
	 >active lifestyle and am somewhat concerned about the  impact that
	 >wearing a pump would have on such activities as golf and tennis.
	 >"educator" claims that the impact will be minimal, but I am not
	 >convinced.... I can
	 >tell by looking at her that she is not athletic.
	 >Does anyone in this group play a lot of golf or tennis (at a
	 >level) while wearing a pump?  Alternatively, does anyone on the
	 >remove the pump frequently and switch back to shots for a day or
two at a
	 >time for any reason?  If so, have you experienced any difficulties
as a
	 >Thanks for the input!
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