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[IP] Mosquito bites on feet

On 18 Jan 2001, at 8:19, Yerachmiel Altman wrote:
> >5. You swat at mosquitoes yelling, "Get back here with my BG sample!"

> Anyone else notice that mosquitoes DON'T like thier blood very much??
> I have never really had a mosquitoe problem even when the rest of the family 
> is getting bit like crazy.  Seems there's something in the chemical mix that 
> they don't like about me!

dangit, both pre-diabetes and post-diabetes I've always been a 
major mosquito target.

The big difference now is when there are bites on my feet, they 
become fluid-filled, painful (and ITCHY) blisters.  The non-foot bites 
were just normal welts.

My mother-in-law-the-nurse gasped and protested when I used a 
lancet to pop them.  I left one unpopped just to ease her mind.  
That one took 3 weeks to go away.  The others stopped itching 
immediately and healed in 3 days.

I wonder if this new blistering thing is a diabetes thing, an age 
thing, or a Michigan mosquito thing (I was bred in California, but 
hubby's family is from Michigan so we visit them in summer).

It SEEMS to me like I made the best choice, considering that the 
popped ones healed MUCH faster, but I do sort of understand what 
her concern was (diabetic feet and all).

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