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[IP] You know you've tested too much when....

>8. You don't have to prick your finger, it's still bleeding.
When I was wearing my first pump for a while my youngest sister suggested to 
me that if I put a hose in my mouth and stood on the front lawn I could be a 
really decorative sprinkler!

>5. You swat at mosquitoes yelling, "Get back here with my BG sample!"
Anyone else notice that mosquitoes DON'T like thier blood very much??
I have never really had a mosquitoe problem even when the rest of the family 
is getting bit like crazy.  Seems there's something in the chemical mix that 
they don't like about me!

>4. You not only know your BG, but that of the dog and three of the slower
I discovered (verified my theory based on observation) that my mom was 
diabetic by telling her I thought there was something wrong with my meter and 
I needed to test on someone 'normal' to see if it worked OK.  Turns out she 
was over 400 (don't even remember which meter this was but I think it was one 
of the early 'wash and wear' types

And I've lent meters to my mother in law on occasion when she's lost hers.

>3. You're willing to try out the new "BG-leach" that turns red at BG>150.
I need one if anyone has one.

>1. Lily has offered you a sponsorship to promote the new titanium lancet.
I'll accept it.  I didn't know that lilly produced lancets.  I thought they 
made medications.  B-D has what I consider the best of the 'standard' lancets 
(and QID gives away the best of the 'standard' lancet machines with their 
meters) (followed by an extraordinarily close second by the AccuCheck Complete 
(but it's too fat))
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