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[IP] Static shock and MM 508

Maybe this topic of static shock and the MM 508 has been discussed - but I
read with interest the preview of the MM 511.  My 9 yr old Mike has had
several instances of static zeroing out his basals.  Once it happened at
school - staff couldn't even bolus because we use the audio bolus and when
the machine zeros out, that function has to be turned back on!  One of the
greatest causes of this (besides below zero weather in Iowa) is the playland
at McDonald's or Burger King.  Those big plastic slides are great causes of
static electricity and the subsequent shocks.  We now unhook if we are
playing on the big plastic equipment.  We also have changed from the cool
blue neoprene pump case to what Mike considers that ugly black leather one.
He also always smells "just washed fresh" because of the piece of downey or
bounce dryer sheet we put next to the pump to prevent static.

I look forward to the day this "kink" is fixed from the pump.  It is
terrible to figure out that your child has no insulin!  (It also taught me
to keep those basals rates written down and handy for a quick reset).

Sue Cahill
mom of SIXSONS - Jim, 16, Tim, 14, Tom, 13, Pat, 11, Mike, 9 and Joe,4
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