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[IP] Kooky ideas

Shannon James wrote:

> This morning when I was checking for bubbles in my tubing I thought it would
> be nice if the insulin were colored so that I could check for bubbles
> better.  Is this a kooky idea, or would you be interested in insulin in
> bright colors?

Hi, Shannon!

I wonder whether a blue dye would act just like tattoo ink when it goes
into the skin and you'd have a permanent record of where you'd put each
and every one of your infusion sets. That might be a good idea if you
want to avoid reusing a site, but somehow I think most people wouldn't
want to be running around with blue-spotted bellies and heinies!!!!

However, on a more serious note, it might be possible to add something
that would cloud the H, AND stay in solution without shaking, that could
help solve the bubble problem without getting into dyes.

Good luck!
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