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[IP] Re: Touring Europe

Hi, Jan.

At 12:46 1/17/2001 -0800, you wrote:

>...My son will be touring Europe in July with a state-wide honor band 
>(from Oregon), seven countries in 16 days! HELP!! I need everybody's 
>suggestions for how to be prepared for this trip.

I'm an American living in the France part of Europe and I've traveled 
extensively. Your son needs to bring all the diabetes supplies he'll need. 
That means insulin, infusion sets, reservoirs, batteries for the pump, 
adhesive dressings, and glucose test strips. Alcohol swabs can also come in 
handy and they can be very difficult to find here. It'd be best to change 
the glucose meter batteries before he leaves.

Yes, all that stuff's available here, but the names and prescription 
requirements differ from country to country. Better to avoid an emergency 
than contend with one under such circumstances. He'll also need to take 
syringes or an insulin pen if his pump conks out. Don't count on overnight 
service for pumps everywhere in Europe. (In France, there's no such thing.)

I'd also recommend a sugar supply, especially fruit juice in small metal 
cans (not sold anywhere here) that are very handy to treat occasional night 
reactions and candy bars. Most small European hotels do NOT have candy 
and/or soda machines.

Customs should NOT be a problem. It would be a good idea to have some form 
of medical ID (such as a Medic-Alert) that states that your son is 
diabetic. If asked by a customs agent if he's carrying any medicine, he 
should show the ID and explain that he's diabetic, insulin-dependent, and 
takes insulin by injection and via a pump. Just state it -- that's all.


regards, Andy
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