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Re: [IP] Touring Europe

  I'm 21, and not too far removed from teenage hood myself.  I studied in 
Ireland two years ago at the age of nineteen and travelled Europe (six 
countries in two weeks) after the semester was done.  I also went to France 
two years before that with my high school French club.  Some pieces of 
advice...I know parents worry (believe me, if you want my parents' email, I 
am sure they can inform you on this better than I can!) but Kyle is probably 
going to be more familiar with his needs and medications than anyone on the 
trip could ever hope to be!!  Europe is perfectly possible, and even easier 
with a pump.  (I did France on MDI and Europe on the pump)  When I went, I 
travelled with my best friend in Europe.  If Kyle has a trusted friend going 
on the trip, this could help a lot.  Someone who knows hypoglycemia, etc.  
Make sure to get a note from your doctor stating Kyle has Type I diabetes 
and listing the supplies he needs to carry with him.  (I never had a problem 
at customs, but this letter can clear things up if a problem does arise)  
There are also centers in Europe that one can call in medical emergencies.  
I can't remember where I found these, but I can get back to you on that.  I 
would recommend switching to European time for the pump once over 
there...but that is what worked for me, and may not for him.  Talk to your 
doctor.  The only problems I had in Europe were hypoglycemia a couple of 
times as my body got used to the new schedule.  Make sure to bring extra 
supplies and always carry these with you!!  (IN a carry-on bag, not in your 
luggage)  I found it was relieving to  me to hand a bottle of insulin and 
some syringes to my friend when travelling...just in case I somehow 
misplaced my bag, I knew she had some that I could grab. In this case, make 
sure the friend is ok with this.  And don't do it when going through 
customs.  Just when travelling within a city or something.   Have fun and 
relax!!  It will be great!!

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>Subject: [IP] Touring Europe
>Date: Wed, 17 Jan 2001 12:55:49 -0500
>Hello all!  My son will be touring Europe in July with a state-wide honor 
>band (from Oregon), seven countries in 16 days! HELP!! I need everybody's 
>suggestions for how to be prepared for this trip. There will be a nurse and 
>several school teachers along who have had students with D in their 
>classes, but I don't know if any of them know anything about pumps. Kyle is 
>very responsible, but this is totally unchartered territory for us! Thanks 
>for all your help!
>Jan, mom to Kyle 16, dx 12/95, pump (HTron Plus) 6/00
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