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[IP] flying with the pump

Hi everybody.  This is my first post; I couldn't resist the topic.  I'm an
American living in New Zealand and have flown back and forth many times in
the last ten years.  I tend to change the clock on my pump to my
destination time as soon as I get on the plane, or even a day before if
possible.  This seems to help alleviate jet lag and adjustment probs.  I
just test frequently and sample a small portion of every meal and snack
offered.  I carry dried fruit and even low calorie snacks in case I'm
hungry but not needing carbs. As there is an 18 hour time difference when I
travel, I'm always VERY careful and test frequently after my arrival.  I
always carry a current letter from my doc explaining that I need the pump
and it must not be removed.  The only trouble I've ever had is that once in
Fiji an inspector took apart my insulin pen.
Note also that you have to make sure that you take out the red
waterproofing cap on a Disetronic when flying so that the pressure can

I always hand my spare insulin to be hand inspected, rather than put
through the x-ray machines.  When I moved here I lost six months of insulin
because it was x-rayed so many times on its way, and it lost potency. (Took
me a while to figure it all out, too)  Airports swear that it won't affect
insulin, but Eli Lilly did tell me that frequent x-ray could reduce potency
of insulin.

I love having the pump on airplanes.  It's so discreet.

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