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[IP] Re: different carbohydrate ratios

> How many of you guys have different
> carbohydrate ratios throughout the day?

> Ribeiro

I have posted a numer of times that I too have different rates
throughout the day.  The first response is that it 'must' be a problem
with the basals.  You should first determine that your basals are
correct, usually by doing a fast of at least 18 hours.  If your bg's
remain stable, or drop a little, then they should be alright.  The best
(only?) way to get the carb rates correct is by experimentatiion.  Use
foods with a known carb content and try to eat the same food at
different times of the day.  In this way you can determine your bodies
response at the various times of the day (YMMV).

I use 3 different rates.  Ten grams/unit for breakfast, 8/unit for lunch
and 6/unit for dinner.  For me, these will continually change.  They are
currently dropping in the rates for later in the day, probably because I
am trying different sites besides my stomach.  I am getting better rates
at the new sites.
Jack Granowski
email @ redacted
dx 10/66, D pump 7/93, HbA1c 5.9
You've got to be very careful if you don't know where you are going
because you might
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 - Yogi Berra
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