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Re: [IP] When did you have "full" responsibility for your diabetes?


My son, who is sixteen, has had complete control for three years, since
shortly after diagnosis.  That does not mean that we are not a part of his
team.  We want to know what his numbers are, etc.  Being on the multi-shot
regimen, he calculates his own carb intake, his own insulin dosages, has
done his own injections since a month after diagnosis, etc...   He asks
questions from time to time, which we encourage.  

I guess as long as he's living at home, we want to be involved.  Maybe even
after he's out of the house, we will too!  We're very open about his
diabetes.  It's not something he needs to feel is his own burden to bear.
His friends and siblings, twin sister included, all know about diabetes so
they could help him if he ever needed assistance, icluding administering
the glucagon.

I would think that most kids on the pumps, excluding the tiny ones, must be
pretty in tune with their care.  They are not always going to have mom and
dad around them, for instance when they are at school, at work if they have
an after school job, etc...so I would imagine they need to be pretty savvy
about their own care.

We don't "smother" our son, if that's what you are asking!  He's quite
competent and capable with his care!

Levi's pump was just delivered by FedEx!!!!  

Diane :-)

At 11:02 AM 1/17/2001 -0800, you wrote:
>I am probably misinterpreting what I hear from parents about the things 
>that they are still doing to "control" their teenagers diabetes....
>Other than being provided the things that I needed including doctors, I had 
>full responsibility before I was 17....
>For those of us with diabetes, at what age did you have responsibility for 
>the diabetes?
>For the parents, at what age (of your kids) did you turn over 
>responsibility for the diabetes?
>Jim S.
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